Lindsey hatResearch Fellow in Education, Teachers and Peacebuilding

Centre for International Education (CIE)
Office 145
School of Education & Social Work
University of Sussex, BN1 9RH, UK

I am an educationalist, academic and researcher, specialising in Critical Peace Education and Participatory Education.

I obtained my PhD (funded by the ESRC) from the University of Bristol in 2011, which explored Critical Peace Education as the interactions of a multifarious understanding of peace and practices to facilitate moving these understandings forward (the work of translating peace) in conflict effected communities in Mindanao. My current interests are in Critical Peace Education, Education and Conflict, Social Justice and Post-Development initiatives and theory. I have experience in research methodologies, particularly specialising in ethnography, visual data, and a/r/tography. For more information on my understanding of Critical Peace Education as the work of translation please see my publications page. For more information on my use of visual data please see my the tab peace as an event, peace as utopia, chasing peace in Mindanao.

I am a qualified teacher and my teaching experiences extends over ten years across diverse educational settings as teacher, governor and museum educator. While I started in primary education my experiences go well beyond this and I have now taught all age groups and abilities and have taught in a range of contexts from the formal classroom to workshops. For example as the Education Project Manager for the museum exhibition Breaking the Chains I have delivered training session for teachers/community worker practitioners and learner centred workshops for students, as a formal teacher I have worked in primary classrooms and lectured at Masters degree level, and as a researcher I have contributed to community-based capacity building projects with volunteers from marginalised communities.


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